Commune - Burning Man 2024

September 1, 2024   

GoFundMe: Help Bring Commune to Burning Man 2024

Biking in the deep playa, you are drawn to a series of lights set in patterns that aim to attract from a distance. You find a beautiful dining table has already been set, with others welcoming you for a meal that will never arrive. The ambiance changes as you interact with your fellow diners.

The piece itself is primarily a custom-built table for 8 with inlaid LED’s, a spherical centerpiece (more LEDs), and place settings affixed. 8 sturdy chairs that fit the theme will be sourced. Encapsulating the piece are 8 legs custom fabricated from metal tubing, primarily supporting shade cloth, a chandelier, and a beacon. LEDs will coat the beacon and chandelier, as well as run along the poles.

LED Animations synchronize with patterns or sequences that aim to delight and inspire conversation. As a stretch goal, sequences can also be manipulated by participants by touch. Touching a fork could cause another participant’s area to go dark, but touching together could trigger a surprise animation.

Special thanks to the best crew: Russ, Matthew (and crew at Radius Concepts), Mina, and Eugenia


I have a 3 year old and our family plays a game we call “Friends for Dinner”. He pretends to be a new friend over for a meal, and he makes up answers to our questions. Turns out the idea of meeting people at the table for the first time is not actually common. It actually creates a unique shared experience that is quite powerful.

In 2023, I brought the artwork “Friends for Dinner”, which was (in my opinion) an immense success. Participants used the space exactly how I intended, without any instruction or confusion. When there were open seats, newcomers were asked to sit. Snacks were shared and drinks freely shared. It had the magic of immediacy, spurring deep conversation between strangers. I hope to recreate this magic, but with a different style and sophistication.

Taking inspiration from the “Googie” style of architecture, I hope to create a retro-futuristic space where people can connect at a deeply personal level.

Materials/Technologies Used

  • LED’s driven by 3 QuinLED-Dig-Quad (ESP32) microcontrollers networked to a raspberry pi
  • Raspberry Pi 4 Runs Falcon Player which sends out DDP commands to LED controllers
  • Used X-Lights software for 3D modeling and sequencing, with custom built ISF Shaders

Original Honoraria Grant Application Video